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Jester / King

Jester / King

1.0.5 by Mystery / romance visual novel
(0 Reviews) May 06, 2024
Jester / King Jester / King Jester / King Jester / King Jester / King Jester / King

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May 06, 2024
Mystery / romance visual novel
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You are trapped in a cursed kingdom with three potential love interests. Will you seek the truth, help the others, or do anything to escape?

The court jester, Madion, wakes up to find the king dead and the kingdom cursed. The curse has caused chaos and madness among the citizens, leaving Madion torn between seeking the truth, helping the survivors, and escaping. This new visual novel, from the author of Demonheart, takes place in a dark setting and deals with themes of murder, love, trust, and deceit.

The game features a story with over 90,000 words and important lines are voiced over. Players can make choices to build or re-build relationships with three characters: Lucille, Calix, or Edwina. In order to progress the story and uncover the truth, players must collect "keys" which are bits of information scattered throughout the game. The cursed kingdom is also stuck in a time loop, allowing players to use a flowchart to go back to certain choices.

The main character, Madion, is a jester who has lost his memories and has been forced into a life of chaos and deceit. He starts off feeling conflicted, jealous, and spiteful, but players can make choices for him that will affect his relationships with the other characters. Lady Lucille, who was forced to live in the king's palace during a war, is quiet and cunning and believes she understands Madion. She is always there to support him. Calix, an orphan with a favorable position in the palace, is known for his good looks and charisma. Some believe he was involved with the king, but his eyes are set elsewhere. Edwina, the king's alchemist, used to follow his every command but is now strict and slightly paranoid with a cold exterior. However, Madion sees a different side of her.

This visual novel offers players a dark and intriguing story with complex characters and difficult choices. With its unique time loop feature and the ability to shape relationships, players will be drawn into the cursed kingdom and its mysteries. Will Madion be able to uncover the truth and redeem himself, or will he succumb to the chaos and madness of the cursed kingdom?

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